6 things to plan before your wedding


Planning your special day can be a pain in the head as there are so many things to take care of. To make it easy for you, here is to-do list which will help you plan everything in a jiffy and let you and your loved ones enjoy your wedding. 


Venue selection is one of the most important aspects of making your special day memorable. The venue should neither be in the heart of the city so that you can avoid the heavy traffic, pollution and parking issues nor very far away from the city so that your guests and family members lose their enthusiasm even before the event begins because of travelling. 


As they say that in any event, if the food is good then the rest doesn’t matter. Go for a Caterer with Experience and not a start-up. Start-ups might be able to give you wonderful presentation and heavy decorations but in the end, taste is all that matters. Your selection should include a caterer who has a diversified team which includes people with experience for your traditional taste and some young blood which will take care of the modern cuisines and presentation. 



Another important thing to finalize just after you finish the booking for venue and food. Do not hesitate to spend a few extra thousand bucks as these are not mere images and videos but are memories of the most special day of your life. Hire a photographer who is young and fresh into the market because he will bring in a fresh perspective while capturing your precious moments but also ensure that they are backed by some experience so that the final product does not look too amateurish. 


This includes floral and tentage decoration which will cover all the aspects like stage, gate, seating arrangements, food counters etc. etc. Go for a theme decoration like you can select two colours which will be the same for all the covers and frills as well as the flowers. Or you can go for a monochrome theme like red and decorate the entire place with roses and red drapes. Always plan with your decorator so as to avoid confusion and tension on your special day. Ask them to show you some photographs of their previous work. After all, seeing is believing. 

5.Wedding Cards

This is the first impression on your guests and it shows how well prepared and involved you and your family members are in your wedding preparations. Gone are the days for those heavily designed cards with a lot of content and the names of all the family members on them. Go for something simple and creative which stands out and catches the eye of the reader. A nice and catchy headline describing your relationship or something on how you met and becoming soulmates should so the trick. 


There are ‘n’ number of things which you will need on your special day like dholaks and tasha party, sound and lighting equipment, welcome and return gifts, make-up and mehndi professional and the list goes on. Already thinking about the mess you’ll have to go through to book all these services. Fikar not. Just hire a wedding planner or ask your caterer or decorator if he can arrange for these services. Some might charge you a small management fee but it’s all worth it as you save a lot of time and effort. 

We at Swagat are committed to serve the best moments of your life. We not only provide mouthwatering food but all allied services to let you enjoy your special day to the fullest and make it truly memorable.

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